For Booking inquries please contact ms. Harrington direct

February 5th-9t Hanau Otto Hahn Schoo Workshop TBA
February 10th  Celle, Kunst & Bühne , What My Eyes Have Seen My life Story in Music  20:00 Uhr
February 11th Lüneburg, TNT Theater What My Eyes Have Seen  My Life Story in Music 16:00 Uhr
February 17th  Winsen Lions Club Gala with Ben Boles 22:00 Uhr.
March   2rd     Luneburg Wasserturm, Vollmond Konzert 20:00 Uhr.
March 21 & 22nd  With Janice Harrington, Amelie Protscher and Werner Gürtler (private)
March 25th   Lüneburg St. Nicolai Church  76th Birthday FOR EVER YOUNG   Birthday Concert" 17:00 Uhr ( With special guest)
March 26th Cafe Klasch Lüneburg with Blues Organizatin, Amelie Protscher and Werner Gertler  The Birthday Blues Party 21:00 Uhr
March 27th Cotton Club Hamburg with  Amelie Protscher, piano, Jens Balzeriet Bass, Werner Gurtler Trombone. 20:00 Uhr .
April 18th,  Empore Buchholz Janice Harrington and Tom Shaka
April 20th  Lauenburg, Osterwoldhalle! What My Eyes Have Seen My Life Story in Music. TBA
April 27th Ahrensburg  Marstall What My Eyes Have Seen My Life Story in Music 20:00 Uhr.
May 4th Bremen "Sing Out Workshop" Bream University TBA
July 8th Artlenburg 14:00 uhr TBA
July 21st   Lange Bluesnacht EISENACH  .Farmersroad Blues Band and Janice Harrington 19:30 Uhr
August 25th kaltenmoor TBA
November 11th Reserved Denmark
November Lüneburg, Nicolai Church 25 years Gospel with Eggo Fuhrmann and his Mass Choir TBA
November 16th Heidbarghof, Hamburg What My Eyes Have Seen My life Story in Music 20:00 Uhr