New Album out now

Today I am happy to share with you that my new record „Janice Harrington – 80 years of International Friendship“ will be released on [00.00.2022]! On the CD are 16 songs from over 3 decades of Blues, Soul and Jazz, featuring musicians from Norway, Austria, Denmark and Germany. It has taken me over 37 years to finish this project, but better late than never – what a great way to celebrate my 80th. Birthday! 


All songs have been remastered from the original magnetic recordings at Tonspur Studios – The recording studio in Lüneburg!

This included the process of actually „baking“ the old master tapes in an oven to get one last chance of rescuing the original sound quality. The Sound engineers at Tonspur Studios did an incredible job and were able to mix an outstanding record!

The CD will be available on June 27th and can be played on all major streaming services.

 I dedicate this CD to my mother and my 5 children, my 22 Grandchildren and my 13 great grandchildren. Without the support of my mother, I could have never done any of this, she helped to raise my kids.

 Now I want you to sit back and enjoy the music.

 Love you Jan
The Great Grand Ma

I was born March 26, 1942 in Cleveland, Ohio. My mother Vendora Childs had an extensive record collection of Jazz and Blues and as she also sang in the Voices of Victory Choir in Los Angeles. I also grew up with Gospel, my writing reflects all these styles and more as I am also a child of the 50’s and 60’s my writing also has the elements of Rhythm and Blues, Rap and Soul.