Would you like to know more about German school workshops?
Then have a look at Dylan Vaughn‘s work! (in German)

I’m a singer and producer, and I organise Gospel Workshops. The aim of my new project is to bring together people of different cultures and religious backgrounds, to sing for welfare efforts that help children in need around the world.

The work is carried out in regional workshops at schools, with the goal of bringing everybody together to sing as one large choir. The schedules and locations for each workshop will be announced on the On Tour page.

Authentic American Music Workshop “Sing Out” is a choir for children and youths between 10 and 17 years of age. Its foundation began with 400 children from the Albinus Gemeinschaftsschule Lauenburg in November 2009. This project strengthens the youths’ self-confidence, as well as a sense of belonging and improved team abilities. The young people learn to perform in public with confidence and just to mention there are no telephones or paper and they are singing in English, learning more then 15 songs in three hour sessions in four days and performing on the 5th day.

Please click the link to Dylan Vaughn for full details.

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Janice Harrington